If powering your home or business with renewable energy is a step you’re ready to take, let REC help you get connected. Renewable energy systems may lower your energy costs over time, and the electricity you generate is free of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases. If you have already discovered that connecting your own renewable generation system is not an option at this time, learn about the solutions REC has in place for you to still support and use clean energy. Major sources of clean renewable energy include solar, wind and hydropower.


Renewable Energy 101

Solar Energy

Adding solar panels to your home or business can be a big decision, but one that can reduce your energy bill and impact on the environment. REC has provided resources and information to help members who are considering an investment in solar energy.    


Before choosing to install solar panels, it may be beneficial to learn what you can expect from a solar energy system on your home or business by considering some key factors. 


It is important to find a qualified contractor that will address and support your needs for getting solar on your home or business.


Learn more about our community solar program, and how you can join hundreds of others in helping bring more solar power to Virginia.

Solar Benefits

Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Depending on the size of the solar array that you choose, the electricity generated from your solar panels can satisfy a decent portion of your electricity needs for 20 to 25 years. Solar panels often produce the most electricity during the summer months when the sun is shining for long hours and at its greatest intensity. Energy generated by solar arrays can reduce REC’s electricity demand during peak hours when energy prices are high. 

Home Value

Possibly boost your property’s value

A recent study done by Zillow indicated that homes with solar panels often sold for 4% more than comparable homes without solar. In some counties and cities in Virginia, solar is exempt or partially exempt from property taxes. More information about this exemption can be found here. Commercial entities that participate in solar are fully exempt from state and local property taxes under the Commercial Solar Property Tax Exemption.  

Save Money

Save money

As your solar panels continue to generate energy to supply your electricity needs, you can expect to see a reduction in your electricity bill from REC throughout the life of your panels. Depending on the finance option you choose and your eligibility, the costs of a solar energy system can be offset by federal and state incentives.

Support Green

Support clean energy

Choosing to go solar reduces your impact on the environment by decreasing your consumption of electricity generated by fossil fuel sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Investing in clean energy helps to make the electric grid more reliable and resilient, while also supporting the transition to a low-carbon future.   


Understanding Solar

Over the last decade, there has been a rapid decrease in the price of solar panels and a record number of installations across the nation. As more REC members become interested in solar power, the Community Solar Learning Project will be used to demonstrate solar power in use so that all can have a better understanding of the potential of solar PV power generation.

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Green Energy Certificates

At REC we are looking for ways to help you go green. In addition to energy-saving ideas, we offer Green Energy Certificates for purchase by members. To help promote the use of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, various regional systems are being developed that divides renewable electricity into two parts: the electricity that actually makes its way into the power grid and the environmental benefits of the renewable power source.

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