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Our key accounts executives work with you to minimize the impact of outages on your business. When an outage does occur, we can get you to the right contact person to get back online as quickly and as safely as possible. We can also help you track the circuit or substation that feeds your business to speed up the process.

Want to avoid an outage altogether? We can work with you to set up a generator or other alternate energy backup system to eliminate interruptions.

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We’re ready to help you get the most out of your status as an REC member-owner. Learn how to review, manage, and pay your account online. Get answers to questions about your billing statement. Hear about upcoming public forums and town halls.

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Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell
Key Accounts Executive
(Caroline, Essex, Goochland, Hanover, King and Queen King William, Louisa and Spotsylvania counties)


Chris Lawson

Christina Lawson (She/Her)
Key Accounts Executive
(Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Rappahannock, Madison, and Greene counties)


Commercial members can help facilitate new or expanded service requests by filling out the Connected Load Information form. 

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The information provided in this document by the member or contractor is critical to the Cooperative in sizing the appropriate distribution facilities for reliable, quality of service to the member. This information will also be used to determine the installation cost, necessary easements and costs for rights of ways, monthly facility charges, estimated billing and deposits/guarantees if required as well as estimated construction timeline and completion date.

*The Cooperative reserves the right to designate and/or approve the location of all metering and C.T. equipment. The company must approve all proposed metering arrangements.

**NOTE: The member must notify the cooperative prior to the actual connection of any future load (as required by the Terms and Conditions).

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