Veterans enter the workforce with identifiable and transferable skills, proven In real-world situations, to accomplish our Cooperative’s mission. REC’s Veteran’s add value to our workforce because they: 

  • Have extensive technical, leadership and safety skills.
  • Have the proven ability to learn new concepts and skills.
  • Are mission-driven.
  • Have received crisis and risk management training.
  • Are adaptable and have great problem-solving skills.
  • Work efficiently, effectively and diligently in high-pressure and fast-paced environments.


Each year, REC awards $20,000 in scholarship funds to local students who are seeking to advance their career goals by attending a college or a career ...
REC was busy this Halloween season with numerous Trunk-or-Treat events across the communities we serve. 

Standing Out at the Frog Level Parade

Sunday | October 29, 2023
REC was hard to miss at the Frog Level Festival and Parade.