Cooperative Sunshare
Cooperative Sunshare
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Our conversation today with Joyce Bodoh, Government Affairs & Demand Response Administrator, with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative included discussion about REC’s Cooperative Sunshare program that offers members all the benefits of solar energy without any onsite equipment or maintenance. In this voluntary program, any residential member, regardless of whether they own their home or rent, simply purchases “blocks” of solar energy.

Joyce also explained how net metering works and talked about options & precautions members should consider before installing solar panels at their home. She told us about the 10 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system installed at their Fredericksburg office. They frequently host school groups and offer educational discussions about the impact of solar power and how it’s generated. The Community Solar Learning Project will be used to demonstrate solar power in use to provide a better understanding of the potential of solar PV power generation.


REC recently received recognition in two national communications awards programs.
At REC, the safety of our employees and member-owners is always our top priority. 
REC is excited to announce an opportunity to support a new federal grant for local schools to purchase all-electric electric school buses.