REC in the Community: Supporting Friday Night Lights
Thursday | September 23, 2021

With autumn comes football season, a time for the community to come together and support their local high school’s team. REC was proud to come out and support two local teams as they went head-to-head on the field: the Liberty High School Eagles vs. the Culpeper High School Blue Devils. 

To help boost school spirit, Tim Ashby, Member Service Field Representative, and Tabitha Perryman, Member Service Representative, passed out REC seat cushions, pompoms and clappers to attendees. Brandon Pritt, First Class Lineman, and Chad Frazier, Lineman, showed up with a bucket truck to fly the American flag for the game. 

“My heart was bursting with pride when I saw our nation's flag extended into the air by one of our trucks,” Perryman said. “They are both a symbol of great strength and dedication, so to me it was fitting to see OUR REC TRUCK support the flag for ALL TO SEE!”

Liberty High School



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