REC Employees Take the Lead at 2024 Gaff-n-Go Lineworkers Rodeo
Friday | May 24, 2024

REC lineworkers excelled at the 20th Annual Gaff-n-Go Lineworkers Rodeo on May 17 and 18 at Meadow Event Park in Doswell.

The event demonstrates lineworkers’ commitment to safety and reliability. 

A team of lineworkers from REC’s Bowling Green office consisting of Alister Pollard, of Caroline County; Thomas Bailey, of Hanover County; and Addison Spicer, of Caroline County, were leaders in the Equipment Operator’s category. They came in third for the cutout change, first in the Digger Derrick-mini excavator obstacle course and came in first overall. 

In the same category, another team of lineworkers from the Cooperative’s Bowling Green office, Blake Blackwell, of Caroline County; Thomas Mullen, of Hanover County; and Sean Davis, of King and Queen County, came in third for the bucket truck hurtman rescue. 

In the Journeyman lineworker division, a team from REC’s Culpeper office including Devin Hudson, of Orange County; Kory Settle, of Rappahannock County; and Brandon Hudson, of Orange County, came in third in the 15 kilovolt (kV) capacitor change out. 

Austin Lambert, of Hanover County, and Jordan Stevens, of Essex County, both from Bowling Green, were leaders in the Apprentice lineworker division. Lambert placed second and Stevens placed third in first aid; Lambert placed first and Stevens placed second in the written test. Overall, Lambert placed first and Stevens placed third.

“Gaff-n-Go gives our lineworkers an opportunity to compete, build their skills as well as learn from each other and those from other utilities,” said Jason Satterwhite, REC’s Chief Grid Operations Officer. “They get the opportunity to showcase their skills and we get the opportunity to come out and show our support for their hard work.” 

Gaff-n-Go 2024



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