REC Linemen Stand Out at Annual Competition
Thursday | May 25, 2023

REC linemen successfully competed at the 19th Annual Terex Gaff-n-Go Rodeo on May 19 and 20 at Meadow Event Park in Doswell. 

The annual event provides linemen the opportunity to compete in a challenging environment and demonstrate their skills. The rodeo attracts the best line workers from the East Coast, including REC, to compete in traditional line worker tasks, with up to 60 journeyman teams and individual apprentices from cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and contractors. 

A team of linemen from REC consisting of Thomas Bailey of Hanover County, Alister Pollard of Caroline County and Addison Spicer of Caroline County were leaders in the Equipment Operator’s category. The team won second in the Digger Derrick-Excavator Obstacle, third in the Braceless Crossarm Change and third Overall. 

REC’s apprentice linemen were also at the top of their division. 

In the CPR with A.E.D. category, Austin Lambert, of Hanover County, took second place. In the Bell Insulator Change, Matthew Kirby, of Hanover County earned first and Justin Perez, of  King George County earned fourth. For the Written Test, Colby Monroe, of Winchester, took first place and Andy Gray, of Winchester, took second place; Cameron Lewis of King George County took third place and Blake Blackwell, of Caroline County took fourth. 

In the Overall Apprentice division, Gray earned second place, Lambert earned third place, Lewis came in fourth and Monroe came in fifth place. 

“When it comes to serving our member-owners, safety and speed are top priorities,” said Casey Hollins — Managing Director, Communications and Public Relations. “This competition shows REC’s linemen rank among the best around, and we couldn’t be prouder of the dedication and skills they bring to their jobs.” 

The event also hosts the Gaff-n-Grill competition, which REC employees also compete in. This year, Kevin Ryan, of Bunker Hill, and William Wilfong, of Front Royal, won first place in the butts category and third place overall. 

Gaff-n-Go 2023



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