REC: Prepare Now for New Winter Storm
Friday | January 14, 2022

REC continues to closely monitor the weather forecast for a storm predicted to affect our service territory Sunday into Monday.

While the forecast can change, several inches of snow, ice and sleet are expected throughout much of REC’s 22-county service territory.

REC is proactively staging its workforce across the service territory to respond to outages should they occur. In addition, mutual aid cooperatives, contractors and right-of-way crews are also being pre-staged so they are available to respond to work Sunday morning.

REC has plenty of materials, including poles, in supply at all of its offices and additional shipments are slated to arrive by the end of the weekend.

REC urges its member-owners to take steps now to prepare your families as well.

Check out our guide to preparing for a storm: prep.

An important safety reminder:

When using your generator, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Read all safety instructions.
  • When a generator is not properly installed, it can "backfeed" through the transformer. As a result, a line crew working on the system would be put in danger.
  • Isolate your generator from the co-op's power lines. Connect appliances or other devices directly to the generator with the appropriate cords.
  • If you connect it directly to your building's wiring, a transfer, double-throw switch is required to separate your generator from the co-op's system.
  • Take care when fueling your generator. Never refuel the unit while it's operating.
  • Provide adequate ventilation and air cooling for the generator to prevent overheating and the accumulation of toxic fumes. Do not install your generator in a closed area. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, which is poisonous.

“The best time to prepare for a storm is before it arrives,” said Casey Hollins, Managing Director – Communications and Public Relations. “We urge all members to take this expected storm seriously and to begin preparations now.”

Izzy prep



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