REC Welcomes Member-Owner Participation in Board Meetings
Wednesday | October 13, 2021

As a democratically-controlled and member-owned cooperative, member-owner participation in REC affairs is valued and respected, and individuals should be allowed to state opinions.

Member-owners may provide comments to the Board of Directors by using the following methods:

  • Member-owners may register to share comments and requests at Board Meetings during the Member Comment Session, which takes place at least four times per year. The Member Comment Session is conducted virtually on Zoom. Registration is required and registered member-owners will receive an invitation to join the Member Comment Session, which will occur at the beginning of the Board Meeting. The deadline to register for a Member Comment Session is the Friday prior to the scheduled Board Meeting. The upcoming Member Comment Session will occur at the October 20, 2021 Board Meeting. The next Member Comment Session is scheduled for February 2022.
  • Members may contact individual Board members by email. You’ll find their email address included on the bio page for each board member on the Leadership Page.
  • Additional information on member comments at Board Meetings may be found within our Decorum Policy and Member Open Comment Sessions Policy.
  • Members may request to appear before the Board of Directors during any regularly scheduled Board meeting. This can be done by making an appointment or by invitation of the Board. 

Learn more and register to participate in an upcoming Board meeting. 

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