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At REC, we are always looking out for our member-owners. Our member-owners asked for new ways to save money and move our communities towards a brighter future. For some, maintaining an inefficient home can result in higher than desired energy expenses. To help, REC is launching Vividly Brighter Upgrades in August 2022 and we are looking for partners. We are recruiting qualified contractors from our service area to make upgrades to residential homes for energy efficiency improvements. Join us, and help make this program a success.

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REC is the first electric cooperative in Virginia to offer a program like Vividly Brighter Upgrades, which will help residential members to install energy-efficiency upgrades in their homes and repay the Cooperative for those upgrades on their electric bill over time. REC will launch the program in August 2022. This program is designed to help member owners improve the comfort and value of their homes without taking on personal debt. Our trained and qualified energy experts will provide recommendations of the most cost-effective upgrades and if you choose to implement these upgrades, the cost will be paid for upfront by REC. REC intends to make sure that members do not pay more than they save annually. For many, this program will significantly lower their overall bill even during REC’s investment-recovery period.

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Through the Vividly Brighter Upgrades program, REC makes energy-efficiency upgrades, installs certain appliances and makes other energy improvements in members' homes. REC makes the initial investment in the upgrades, and the member-owner then repays REC for those investments over time as part of their electric bill.



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REC recently received recognition in two national communications awards programs.
At REC, the safety of our employees and member-owners is always our top priority. 
REC is excited to announce an opportunity to support a new federal grant for local schools to purchase all-electric electric school buses.