Whether it’s rain, snow or sun, line workers are called upon any time of day or night to ensure reliable electric service is always available to REC’s 170,000+ member-owners. With safety as our top priority, our line crews build and maintain the Cooperative’s distribution system, which extends from the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge mountains. Often referred to as America’s unsung heroes, REC's line workers are essential employees, who respond to emergency situations with confidence and a consistent focus on safety for themselves and their fellow line workers. REC ensures our line workers have consistent and ongoing training throughout their careers, such as the following examples: 

  • Apprenticeship program.
  • Journeyman program. 
  • Pole-top rescue.
  • Chain saw safety. 
  • High-voltage training. 
  • Leadership development. 
  • Annual required OSHA trainings. 
  • And so much more! 

For anyone interested in a lineman career at REC, we encourage you to consider these lineman training programs as well:

Our line workers aren't the only critical component of operations and construction. Trees are the No. 1 cause of power outages in the REC service territory. Tree maintenance is vital to ensuring reliable electric service to the homes and businesses that depend on electricity for their everyday needs. Keeping a focus on the environment as a priority, arborists and professional foresters work to prevent tree-related issues before they occur. Like our line workers, whether it’s rain, snow or sun, these employees are called upon any time, day or night, to ensure reliable electric service. Careers in Vegetation Management at REC include foresters and utility arborists.

Why choose an REC career?

  • Local, community-focused organization
  • Dynamic and exciting industry
  • Competitive wages and excellent benefits
  • Challenging roles where every day is different


REC Announces Net Bill Reduction in 2021

Thursday | January 21, 2021
REC has announced a net decrease to REC member-owners’ electric bills.
REC has promoted Daniel Dewey to director of operations and construction for the Cooperative’s Eastern Region. 

Beat Winter At Its Cold Game

Thursday | January 7, 2021
REC provides important energy efficiency tips to help you save money.