Technology is evolving in the electric industry faster than ever before. At REC, technology is critical for member services and it touches every department of the Cooperative, from IT to our boots on the ground. Technology is shaping the sources electric cooperatives, including REC, use to distribute electricity. It's also helping to make the power grid more reliable. New technology gives consumers more control of their energy use and more control over the major areas within their homes and businesses that use the highest amounts of electricity. In addition, REC's experts help our member-owners take advantage of new technology advancements such as electric vehicles and renewable generation sources from solar to battery storage. The opportunities for a career in technology with REC are growing. If technology is your field of expertise, a few possibilities for an REC career include: 

  • Data analytics. 
  • Project management.
  • GIS operators. 

Why choose an REC career?

  • Local, community-focused organization
  • Dynamic and exciting industry
  • Competitive wages and excellent benefits
  • Challenging roles where every day is different


REC Announces Net Bill Reduction in 2021

Thursday | January 21, 2021
REC has announced a net decrease to REC member-owners’ electric bills.
REC has promoted Daniel Dewey to director of operations and construction for the Cooperative’s Eastern Region. 

Beat Winter At Its Cold Game

Thursday | January 7, 2021
REC provides important energy efficiency tips to help you save money.